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Identity & Access Management Products and Vendors


The market for IAM products has developed considerably in recent years. Today, products offer functionalities that 15 years ago one did not even dare to dream of. Where at that time a simple Meta Directory was already called Identity Management, today mature applications with workflows and uniform customer login are available for portals / web access as well as business role management. Whereas in the past one had to content oneself with reports of the current authorizations and find out deviations from the target status oneself, today one receives an audit that specifically shows the deviations between the target and the current status.


The allocation of rights has also undergone many changes. The rule- and workflow-based Identity Management that used to be common is now being replaced by role-based IDM (RBAC). This means that new, highly complex rules no longer have to be created for every special case such as holiday replacement or project assignment.


But even if the products have developed enormously in recent years, one thing remains the same: Each product has specific strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the task of the company, some products are better suited than others, for example because they cover more of the desired range of functions. Without already having worked with various products, it is almost impossible to recognize and evaluate the detailed functionality of a product or to recognize its disadvantages. Figuring out whether a competing product is not more suitable is difficult.


deron knows the products of the different manufacturers and their advantages and disadvantages. We are happy to bring this knowledge to our consulting, analysis and conception without any restrictions. Our consultants have specialized in teams on different IAM products from manufacturers.


Among other things, we have know-how regarding the following Identity & Access Management products (list is updated regularly):



  • Janrain Identity Cloud



  • ARCON Privileged Access Management


ATOS/Evidian (formerly Siemens)

  • DirX Identity (Identity Management und Governance)
  • DirX Access (Identity Federation und Access Management)
  • DirX Audit (Identity Analytics und Intelligence)
  • DirX Directory (High-end LDAP/X.500 Directory Server)



  • Auth0 Customer Identity Management



  • Avatier Identity Anywhere



  • Garancy IAM Suite



  • BeyondTrust Password Safe



  • BMC Remedy Identity Management Suite


CA Technologies

  • CA Identity Suite
  • CA Identity Manager
  • CA Identity Directory
  • Layer 7 Privileged Access Manager


Core Security (Courion)

  • Core Access Assurance Suite
  • Core Password Management



  • Core Privileged Access Security
  • Application Access Manager
  • Endpoint Privilege Manager


direkt Gruppe Hamburg (econet)

  • Identity & Provisioning Manager


EmpowerID  (formerly The Dot Net Factory)


Ergon Informatik


Fischer International

  • Fischer Identity Suite (formerly Fischer Automated Role & Account Management)



  • Digital Identity and Access Management Platform


Hitachi ID Systems

  • Hitachi ID Identity Manager
  • Hitachi ID Password Manager
  • Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager



  • IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI)
  • IBM Cloud Identity
  • IBM Security Directory Suite (formerly IBM Tivoli Identity Manager)


ILEX International

  • Meibo Identity Management


iSM Secu-Sys

  • bi-Cube IAM





  • iWelcome



  • JumpCloud – Access Control
  • JumpCloud – Identity Management






  • LastPass Identity



  • ManageEngine Password Manager Pro



  • Password Safe


Micro Focus (formerly Attachmate, NetIQ, Novell)

  • NetIQ Identity Manager (formerly Novell Identity Manager, Novell Nsure Identity Manager, Novell DirXML)
  • NetIQ Identity Governance
  • NetIQ Access Manager
  • NetIQ Privileged Account Manager


Microsoft (Bhold)

  • Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 (MIM)
    (formerly Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), ILM, MIIS)
  • Microsoft BHOLD Suite
  • Azure Active Directory B2C



  • Customer Identity
  • Workforce Identity



  • Omada Identity Suite (OIS)


One Identity (vormals Quest, Dell, Völcker Informatik)

  • Cloud Access  Manager
  • Identity Manager
  • One Identity Safeguard



  • Workforce Identity
  • Customer Identity



  • Open IAM Identity Manager
  • Open IAM Access Manager


Oracle (vormals SUN Microsystems)

  • Oracle Identity Management Platform
    (formerly Oracle Waveset, Sun Identity Manager
    und Oracle Access Manager, Sun Access Manager)


Ping Identity

  • PingID
  • PingAccess
  • PingFederate
  • PingOne



  • RSA SecurID Suite
    (formerly RSA Identity Management and Governance, Aveksa Enterprise Access Covernance Suite, Aveksa Compliance Manager, Aveksa Role Manager, Aveksa Access Request & Change Manager, Aveksa Data Access Governance)



  • Identity Governance Platform
  • IdentityIQ
  • IdentityAl
  • IdentityNow
  • SecurityIQ





  • SAP Identity Management
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud (Gigya)



  • SecureEnds IAM
  • SecureEnds IGA


Simeio Solutions

  • Simeio Identity & Access Governance Service (IGA)



  • SIVIS Suite



  • Identity & Access Management




tenhold Software

  • tenhold



  • SafeNet Trusted Access



  • Thycotic Secret Server





  • WALLIX Bastion



  • WSO2 Identity Server


Xiting AG


Zoho Vault


Information for Manufacturers:

If your product or platform is not listed on this page, you are welcome to contact us at marketing@deron.de .