Further development / service

“Continuing to support”


After the implementation and rollout of the Identity & Access Management solution, ongoing support is important. Downtimes should be avoided and the new system should be constantly adapted to changing circumstances and requirements. With our four Professional Services packages, and individual training courses, deron supports its customers at all levels of ongoing operations – right up to assuming complete operational responsibility.


  • The “Basic Assistance” service package offers fast and competent assistance in the event of short-term staff shortages – even on the customer’s premises if required.


  • With the “Advanced Service” package deron takes over the day-to-day administration of the IAM, i.e. the continuous maintenance of the IAM configuration, the identity management in the IAM and the roles and authorizations used there. The deron specialists act proactively and ensure smooth IAM operation. Defined reaction times contribute to fast problem solving.


  • With the help of our “Managed Service”, which is based on the “Advanced Service” package, your IAM solution is additionally prepared for legal, technical or structural changes. deron makes adjustments and further developments, integrates new source and target systems while optimizing the existing solution on the basis of regular evaluations.


  • The “Full Service” package includes all the advantages of the service packages previously mentioned. In addition, deron supports its customers with the complete IAM system operation (updates, patches, monitoring, backups, etc.). If required, deron can also take over the hosting and front office tasks.


  • With Service Level Agreements (SLAs), deron services remain clearly calculable and requirement-based at all times.


  • Through individual training and on-site coaching, the development and advancement of technical know-how in your company is guaranteed.


  • deron always keeps an eye on the latest product developments and trends and continuously incorporates this knowledge into all projects.

Our services in detail


deron offers you the security that your newly introduced or already existing Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution remains operational and can cope with the constantly changing conditions and requirements. With our specially tailored Professional Services and our individual training courses, we are by your side at all times – competently, quickly and reliably, and completely independent of your IAM product. Benefit from our wealth of experience by passing on the responsibility for your IAM to us to secure your investment. We always keep an eye on the latest product developments and trends for you and act proactively so that the high quality of your IAM remains guaranteed and both your employees and your system are always up to date.

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Tiered service offer

The best software alone cannot guarantee success. Ongoing support is crucial. Therefore, we offer you support in the operation of your IAM on different levels:


  • Our “Basic Assistance” package offers you fast and competent assistance in the event of short-term staff shortages.
  •  With the “Advanced Service” package we take over the necessary day-to-day administration of your IAM. We act proactively and thus ensure smooth operation.
  • Would you also like to be prepared for legal, technical or structural changes? Then we will always adapt your IAM accordingly as part of our “Managed Service”.
  • Should we also take over the complete IAM system operation and, if necessary, hosting for you? Then we also offer you our “Full Service” package.


By transferring individual tasks or targeted outtasking, you contribute to reducing your costs. It is important to us that you retain control by always being comprehensively informed by our regular reports. In addition, our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure that our services are always clearly calculable and tailored to your needs.


Our professional service packages in detail

Basic Assistance – precise support

Your experienced IAM employee is on short notice absence, your IAM front office is currently working at its load limit or your administrators cannot solve a sudden problem in connection with your Identity & Access Management solution themselves? For such unforeseen, punctual personnel bottlenecks, our Basic Assistance package is a valuable and reliable support for you – and it doesn’t matter which product you are using.


From our flexible pool of qualified and experienced IAM specialists, we can quickly provide the right resources to meet your specific skill requirements and capacity needs: From the IAM front office staff, the IAM developer, the IAM support staff, the IAM administrators or strategists to the IT specialists for the technical operation of your identity & access management solution – you will always receive comprehensive and competent help, and we will be happy to do so directly on site!


Advanced Service – IAM administration by IAM specialist

The services of our Advanced Service Package are geared to the needs of long-term support. With this service, we relieve you of the day-to-day administration of your identity and access management solution required for smooth operation. We proactively maintain your IAM configuration, your identity management in the IAM and the roles and authorizations used there and act on them even before difficulties become apparent.

Our well defined response times in case of problems as well as our short communication channels ensure that your IAM works securely not only now but also in the future and that downtimes are kept as short as possible.

As with our Managed and Full Service offerings, our Advanced Service provides you with guaranteed services that always remain clearly calculable thanks to our Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Detailed reporting makes our services transparent at all times.

And that’s not all: We keep your technical environment, i.e. your very specific test and development environment, permanently available to you, as well as the individually required know-how. This enables us to react quickly, competently and efficiently to each and every one of your diverse requirements at all times.


Managed Service – IAM further development at the highest level

The requirements for functionality and security of your Identity & Access Management are constantly changing and require appropriate adaptations and further developments. The introduction of new operating systems, applications, databases or modern hardware makes it necessary to adapt your IAM. Changes in the corporate structure or the legal framework also require extensive conceptual and functional development.


Based on our Advanced Service, our Managed Service guarantees the optimal expansion of your IAM and also assures you support in the administration of your Identity & Access Management solution.


We make adjustments with regard to IAM schema, database, business role structure, workflows and templates. Thanks to their expert skills, our IAM strategists and process consultants can handle all your requirements quickly, securely and adeptly at any time. If required, they routinely integrate new source and target systems while keeping an eye on your overall IAM strategy.


Thanks to the experience gained from more than 150 projects and with the help of our self-developed add-ons and tools, we work extremely efficiently and optimize your IAM solution in a targeted manner. In order to uncover and improve any vulnerabilities in your existing system and thus safeguard your investment, we also carry out regular evaluations.


Full Service – a one-stop shop

In addition to IAM administration and further development, our full service package also includes the maintenance of a secure and smooth technical operation of your productive identity & access management system. By installing new updates and patches, competent monitoring, targeted log analysis management and regular backups, we keep your IAM software up-to-date. In this way, we prevent unnecessary, cost-intensive downtimes.


Our experienced specialists are also on hand to solve sudden problems, regardless of whether they concern system operation, administration or the configuration of your IAM.


And not only that – optionally we also support you in your IAM front office. If you have any questions about Identity & Access Management, we offer competent immediate help and advise your users quickly, reliably and adeptly via our support hotline by telephone, e-mail or Internet. Optionally, we can also host your productive environment with a fast data connection and regular backups.


With this “one-stop shop” package, we provide comprehensive support for your Identity & Access Management solution and an uncomplicated process without waste from inefficiencies.



A comprehensive customer-specific training of the own employee team is not only essential for the conception and implementation. The skills of the specialist staff should also be kept up to date during ongoing operations.

In our specially designed training courses, your employees receive the knowledge that enables them to work efficiently with your individually set up Identity & Access Management solution. The build-up and further development of technical know-how in your own company guarantees security and autonomy and thus provides the guarantee that you are adequately prepared for future requirements. It is important to us that our training courses are practical and individually designed, as this enables us to pass on our experience from over 150 projects to you.