About Us

deron is an independent IT consulting company based in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Switzerland. Our core competencies lie in the field of Identity Management (IDM), which is now being expanded to Secure Identity & Access Management (SIAM), as security issues are becoming increasingly important, especially in view of events of recent years.


Klaus Scherrbacher

Klaus Scherrbacher

Our company was founded in Stuttgart as a spin-off from the “Fraunhofer Gesellschaft” in early 2001 with 8 employees. In 2003, the location Düsseldorf was opened and in 2007 the “deron IDM Consulting AG” in Switzerland was added. Profitable since it’s inception, our company has grown to 31 employees.


The managing director of deron is it’s founder Klaus Scherrbacher. Since deron does not sell any software licences from SW-vendors deron can act completely independently and is so free from any external influences. So our customers can relay on the fact that we as a consulting company concentrate a 100% on their requirements and specifications.


As a forerunner of identity management, deron fought from the very beginning for the introduction and further development of the most diverse, at that time still unknown and less comfortable authorization and account management systems. As a pioneer in identity management, deron has been one of the leading companies in this field from the very beginning and has underpinned this position ever since with constant research and consistent specialisation.


Nowadays, in addition to the experience already mentioned and the resulting efficient procedural methodology in an identity management project, we offer our customers a wide range of in-house developments as a perfect complement to the solutions commonly available on the market. These applications, developed from concrete projects and constantly further refined, offer you maximum efficiency paired with great application benefits and ensure that problems previously neglected by the industry are solved simply and safely for you. Thus we offer our customers a clear added value with our service portfolio and ensure that their projects remain on the right path.