Our Principles


“The focus is on people and their tasks and not technology or software.”


We practice this principle every day. It is a matter of course for us. Because it is not a software or a system that defines the processes or the organisation of a company’s IT, but vice versa: The processes of the organisation, according to which people work every day, set the requirements for the IT system. It is therefore important for us to adopt the user’s point of view and not just that of the technician. In this way, we can ensure that software and technology can be used at all and thus become efficient.

Accordingly, deron first examines the IT business processes in every project. With the involvement of business departments and IT, these are then jointly optimized for applicability (to people) and effectiveness and only then mapped in the Identity Management System. Even with an IDM system, not much is gained simply by automating existing, complex processes that are incomprehensible to the user (only technical, but not adapted to people).


One example of this:

If the line manager does not know which SAP roles to choose from hundreds of possibilities for his new employee before automation, it is just as difficult for him to make the selection via a web form. Only when IT and the business unit model processes together, reduce complexity together, and find formulations such as “SAP for sales representatives” or “SAP for trainees” in the web form as a result, can all understand the processes and apply them independently and without the helpdesk.


It is only through the cooperation of business departments and IT that processes are created with which one can really exploit the value of an IDM system. But exactly this common struggle for the solution, which everyone understands, is very challenging and regularly overtaxes the company’s IT department, which is entrusted with it and left alone with it. The mere fact that the business and IT departments each use their own technical terms, which the other rarely understands, makes difficulties inevitable. deron has been playing the role of the “translator” with deep conviction and passion ever since the company was founded. Our consultants prove again and again that an external moderator is often necessary to solve Gordian knots.

„deron is independent“.


deron’s second basic principle is independence from manufacturers of identity management products. Therefore deron does not enter into any obligations with them as a matter of principle. For solution providers, deron solely maintains a knowledge and competence network. This means that every customer can be sure that deron will always advise them objectively and independently of products and manufacturers, and that they will be recommended the most suitable product.


In addition, Deron constantly monitors new manufacturers and solutions with promising approaches and technologies in order to be able to offer its customers interesting innovations as early as possible.